• Capital COSMOS Dallas
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Capital COSMOS Dallas

  • FIFA Quality Pro
  • Hand Stitched
  • High Quality Competition Ball
  • Combination  of special synthetic Polystyrenes and natural rubber
  • Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane
  • Highly durable and elastic
  • Natural latex bladder
  • Available in sizes: 3,4 & 5
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Cosmos dallas is a competition ball of the highest quality. The outer cover has an incorporated complex foam layer based on abrasion resistant polyurethane. The outer cover is a combination of special synthetic polystyrenes (polyurethane) and natural rubber.

Cleverly embedded within the layers are equal sizes, highly elastic, exceptionally resistant gas-filled micro-cells which are backed by closely woven knitted fabric. There is a high modulus of compression of this foamy layer which gives it a really good elastic memory. These gas filled bubbles allow the ability to kick the ball without too much resistance.

The outer layer can withstand exceptionally tough treatment and has exceptional durability. The applied energy is converted equally on the ball which gives it a lot of “forgiveness”. In other words, at experts foot, it has a more calculable and more predictable flight path. This strong fabric mesh limits deformation, when the ball is kicked and help the ball remains spherical in flight.

It has an exceptionally low water uptake and has a very little volume expansion after being played strenuously in wet condition. Fitted with natural latex bladder for full expansion and  supple and resilient playing characteristics of ball.