• Capital Beach Ball Soccer
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Capital Beach Ball Soccer

  • Specially developed panel construction
  • Hand stitched
  • Exclusively Developed PU Material on Non-Woven Base
  • Especially developed Air-Mattress Cushion
  • Exclusively Developed Warp Weft matched (WWM) Fabric made from Pre-Stretched thread
  • Balanced Brutyl Bladder for longer air retention
  • Available in sizes: 3,4 & 5

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Specially developed panel construction is used in this model. The panels are reasonably bigger so that barefeet are more likely to hit the softer middle portion of the panel rather than the seams of the ball. The panels are not too big which may flatten the panels.

Exclusively developed PU material on non-woven base. This material is extra-soft for barefoot play and has been given "Golf-Grain" emboss/appearance to enhance "Foot-spin" effect, although other emboss may be available, if required so. The PU material is extra coated to decrease the sand adhesion to the surface.

To further enhance the softness, especially developed air-mattress cushion is imparted to the cover material. The air-mattress has quick recoil capacity and is quite light weighed.
Those are made exclusively developed Warp Weft Matched (WWM) fabric made from pre-stretched thread.
Balanced Butyl bladder for longer air retention.