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  • FIFA Quality Pro
  • Hand stitched
  • Wrinkle resistant Polyurethane
  • Water repellent
  • Natural latex bladder
  • Available in sizes: 3,4 & 5
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Cosmos Ohio is a competition ball of high quality. The outer layer is of flexible, durable, wrinkle resistant PU on a strongly compressed non-woven fabric base. The synthetic leather is very strong but at the same time very soft and flexible.

Sandwiched between the backing fabric layers and synthetic leather is a European made very soft, durable, elastic and light weighted closed cell EPDM air mattress. This air-cushion has a quick recovery time, is water repellent and has a good “recoil memory”. It imparts a really good soft   touch to the ball which is especially useful in head kicking of the ball.

The whole outer complex is supported by the mesh of closely woven, strong mesh work of polyester fabric. This strong meshwork not only supports the whole complex but also limits the deformation of the ball during kicking. This phenomenon is especially helpful in keeping the flight of the ball stable and predictable.

It is fitted with latex bladder with air retention well within FIFA Limits. The bladder is supple and resilient.