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Capital Elite Tritech Football

  • Soft feel, Excellent roundness
  • Hybrid
  • 3d Designs.
  • PU and Special Alpha Foam used.
  • Good cold bounce
  • Compressed seam areas.
  • Nylon wounded bladder
  • Available in sizes: 3,4 & 5
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Softer feel and a rounder, fuller appearance. Panel seam areas are compressed by special techniques which makes the edges and grooves softer. Special Alpha foam backing provides a good and smooth cold bounce. Increased life and durability. Minimal water uptake. Balls are aerodynamically stable and show consistent flight behavior.

Polyurethane material with a 3D structure used to make the ball more attractive. Suitable for all kinds of pitches: dry, wet, and artificial. Provision of nylon wound bladder to retain shape and functionality.